Introjuicing Chivalrous' 21 Day #RealJuiceReboot - Week 1

Hey everyone,

The few weeks after christmas are always quite hectic, coming down after the buzz that is Christmas. But hopefully this post will inject some energy via some awesome juicing recipes.

So Philips set me a challenge to complete 21 days of adding juicing to my diet, to form a health habit (apparently it takes 21 days to form a habit) and I know that I definitely don't eat as healthily as I could or should, especially with fruit. So this is the #RealJuiceReboot challenge and the 21 recipes that I have followed. Some of them have been nice, some not so good and some awesome. I've given them an arbitrary score out of 10 to gauge their taste.

These recipes were created mainly my Madeleine Shaw and Joe Wicks, so special thanks must go to them for sharing them with those of us who have taken up this challenge.

The juicer that Philips kindly sent was their Philips Viva Compact Juicer, which has been great to use and can create a very decent amount of juice in one go and plus is super easy to clean.

This is the juicer in action - it is quite loud but you don't have to have it on for long.

The Juicer

Recipes #1 - #7
#1 - 'Watermelon Cooler'

3/4 of a watermelon
1 peeled lime
1 handful of fresh mint


This is one of my favourites, one because it's so simple to make and two it tastes great. It's got tons of water in it and its also got great things like vitamin A (for hair) and vitamin C (immune system among other things). I can imagine this would be a great juice for the Summer! 7/10

#2 - 'Classic Cleanse'

2 celery stalks
1 green apple
3 carrots
1 beetroot


So I found this juice to be a bit odd, which I think is due to the carrot and beetroot combo. Definitely not one of my favourites, but it's worth a try! 3/10

#3 - Beat the Bloat

3/4 of a pineapple
2 green apples
2 handfuls of fresh mint
1 peeled lime


This juice is so juicy, and my most liked so far. It's got the kick of the pineapple and lime, but the smoothness of the apples and mint. This is a good one to start on if you are unsure about how good a juice can taste. 8.5/10

#4 - 4pm Pick Me Up

1 handful of spinach
5 romaine lettuce leaves
1/4 cucumber
4 celery stalks
1 peeled lemon
1 red apple
2cm of ginger
1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon


I found this one to be quite odd too. The taste was sort-of unbalanced, I think due to the cinnamon (I probably put too much in to be fair!) The joy about juicing is that you do have the freedom to chop and change a recipe, keep it simple or make it complex, change it. So if I did this again, I would be more careful with the cinnamon and probably add more ginger (I love ginger!) For how I made it, I will give it a 3.5/10 with the potential of being a 6/10.

#5 - Super Skin (modified)

7 stalks of celery
1 apple
1/2 cucumber
1 handful of spinach
5 romain lettuce leaves (mod: handful of fresh mint)
1 peeled lime (mod: 1 pear)


So this is an example of where I've taken some artistic license - I found that I didn't have some of the ingredients, so I changed it up a bit to suit my tastes. Although I don't eat a lot of fruit, I do love fruit juices, so this was a chance for me to add things like pears which I would't normally eat day to day. This ended up not being too bad and I definitely enjoyed it. 6/10

#6 - Pre-Workout Kick

2 carrots
1 red apple
1/2 beetroot
1 handful of spinach

This is a great juice for just before a workout and also it's sort of like a small shot so it doesn't take too long to drink. I really liked this one and will have it in the future for just before a gym session. 6.5/10

#7 - Flu Fighter

1/2 a beetroot
2 carrots
1 pear
1cm of ginger


So I was really interested in trying this one because of its immune boosting quality - I'm prone to colds and having just come out of one before Christmas, I didn't want another! So far I'm still healthy, so this might be a great one to have during the colder months. 

I was pleased with how this one tasted, though it was a bit thick, though that wasn't such a bad thing. The important thing was that it tasted good :)

So that is the first week's recipes and so far its going really well. I definitely feel better having more fruit and veg than I would be having otherwise and it's fun to make them too!

Keep your eye out for week 2 and 3 to see how I get on!

Do you have any recipes that you love? I would love to hear them in the comments!

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Obsolete World: My Favorite Pieces of Artwork from Jeannie Lynn Paske

For a number of years now I've been an admirer of Jeannie Lynn Paske's Obsolete World artworks. I first came across them on the album cover of Eluvium's Copia album (which is a phenomenal collection of music.)

(click picture for link)
This post is really about me sharing with you something that I think is very special & unique. There's something about her artwork that communicates considerable emotion, considerable weight - it's hard to put my finger on it, but it's like a movie that doesn't end - each picture has a story within the 'Obsolete World', and it's hard not to get sucked into each of their narratives.

So here goes - I'm going to look at my five favourite pieces (in no particular order) and talk a little about them. I'm in no way an art expert but I do think I have a good eye for aesthetics (if I do say so myself).

Please do note these images are strictly the property of Jeannie Lynn Paske and should not be used without her consent. 
All artworks link to their respective Etsy listings.

A Gentle Notion
I love this picture because for me it clearly symbolises children and their parents/grandparents. The young child is leading the now thin and fragile mentor, not showing signs of weakness but on the contrary knowingly leading the way. I love the green colour scheme, I think it adds to the eerie, autumnal message of change.

The majority of Paske's work is quite close up, focusing on one or a few characters (you'll see it as a trend through these favorites). Echo is a good example of this, where there is just one / two character/s communicating, or reacting to each other in some way. Being titled 'echo' we might assume that the the tree and the more-human-like character are metaphorically bouncing off each other, which we might take as a message on nature and humanity's close relationship.

In One Form or Another
This is one of my all-time favorites. For me it bridges the gap between Obsolete World and our own world. The dog is a bit of an anomaly in Paske's work - which I think might explain why I like it so much. The message behind the work, given it's title, to me suggests that life can be very similar for two very different beings, even if they are physically different. I think that's simply fantastic.

At Least One Conscious Observer
I call this the 'hyperbole being' and it is so damn cute. Paske uses size difference to great effect here and the message is again wonderfully clear - even if we only have one observer, they may be a very important one.

We Are Not Alone
Similar to At Least One Conscious Observer, We Are Not Alone focuses on the theme of observation and togetherness. The large dog-like being, who again cannot be seen but is clearly important and caring, is not observed by the man. It's a reminder that beings, be it other humans or animals, are always somewhere to be found in our lives, we just have to look in the right places and acknowledge them.

That concludes my look at the fascinating 'world' of Obsolete World, I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures and like them as much as I do - you can find her whole collection here.

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The Man Flu: Cold Symptoms & How to Cure Them

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I have been unfortunate enough to have had been on and off having a cold for the past four / five weeks, which has climaxed in the harrowing experience of the man flu. Not only does man flu include the common cold symptoms such as a sore throat, a splitting headache and a nose which runs faster than Usain Bolt, it also includes a number of additional symptoms which are necessary for its diagnosis; for your reference, these are:

  • The overwhelming feeling that 'this could well be the end'
  • The overbearing reliance on one's other-half (or nominated female carer) (usually much to their distaste)
  • Feelings of aloneness and the constant question: 'why me?'

Man flu can be a crippling condition - over the past few years more men have come through it alive, but many have still been lost to the depths of it, never to recover. So in all seriousness, that's why I've put together some advice and suggestions for helping you either increase your chances of immunity and/or to recover with the most ease.


Using Paracetamol & Ibuprofen together

We have all used these in the past, but few of us use them in combination - the idea is not to take them at the same time, but to stagger them so that there is no downtime from each one, so you get a more effective respite.

Some paracetamol products come with sinus relief features (phenylephrine, guaifenesin etc.) which help with lowering swelling to improve your ease of breathing. They can also include caffeine which makes the pain relief part of the remedy work better and makes you feel less tired. If you do take caffeine during your illness however, make sure that you drink more water than you would do otherwise because caffeine contributes to becoming dehydrated.

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As mentioned above regarding caffeine, its important to keep your water levels very high during your illness. This is because you are losing a lot of liquids through your nose and constantly drying out your throat through coughing. If you are suffering from headaches, it is always important to make sure you have drank enough water as this is a common cause.

In my opinion, anything which helps when you're well is also a benefit to you when you're ill - so I also like to have effervescent drinks like Berocca or the supermarket alternatives instead of my daily coffees at work. They've got a ton of vitamins and minerals (importantly vitamin C and Zinc for immunity) which should help you out. You can also get 'boost' versions of the ordinary ones which include things such as caffeine and guarana extract, which again help especially if you are replacing your coffee or tea at work.

One thing I tried recently was MANFLU, which you may have seen in the supermarkets. It goes for around £2 and is basically a shot of echinacea, zinc and vitamin C (echinacea is often used as an anti-inflammatory (1)). I've tried two of these out and I personally like the taste. As to how I felt afterward, I didn't immediately feel a great deal different, but it is good to know that you've boosted your levels of these important vitamins and minerals.


Manuka honey is another supermarket life saver, which has natural antibacterial qualities with varying potencies. Honey has been known to protect against damage from bacteria, stimulate production of cells that repair tissue damaged by infection, and to have anti-inflamatory properties (1).

I usually just have a spoonful in the morning and one before sleep to get it in my system. It does however come at quite a price, usually being £10 plus.


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It was the great poet Byron who famously said "Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine" and he was totally right. A good laugh decreases stress hormones and increases antibodies and immune cells which mean you're more resistant to diseases (2). As well as this, it releases endorphins and increases blood flow - it's all positive!

So put on a comedy, read a joke book, have a laugh - it'll do you good!

Well those are some of my suggestions that may or may not be helpful to you. I do hope that they help and that they go some way to relieving the male population of perhaps the greatest malady the world has ever seen.

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Always check with your doctor before taking any medication. Always seek professional medical advice if you are ill. I am not a medical professional (though I have watched a lot of House).