Meeting G.H. Mumm in Cannes: Introducing The World's First Connected Champagne Bottle

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I have another very cool event to share with you, this time from the beautiful town of Cannes on the French Rivera. I was kindly invited by the innovative champagne company G.H. Mumm & La Folie Douce, a French party house that is famous for its incredible nights out, to an event to celebrate G.H. Mumm's World's first connected champagne bottle (all will be explained soon enough!)

I hadn't been properly on holiday for about 3 years, and so when I got off the plane and met my driver David (embarrassingly unable to say much more than 'bonjour!'), and the scorching sun on my face, I felt a great wave of relaxation come over me.

In my hotel room, I was greeting with some awesome goodies including these shades and a superb photo book documenting the history of G.H. Mumm.
My room in Hotel Gray d'Albion had a wee balcony, and I couldn't resist catching the town looking so majestical.

So I was meeting the rest of the party at noon on the little island, Île Sainte-Marguerite, off Cannes. I missed my flight was held up for reasons I won't go into, and that's why I was meeting the rest of the party separately. I felt very special, being driven over the bay, just myself, my guide, the driver and a lone case of champagne.

The island was a 'petit paradis'. There was only one restaurant and tens of super-yachts parked up, each looking as though it would have better suited a James Bond movie.
 Absolutely love this sign!
On arrival I met with a host of awesome French and English bloggers (I've never seen so many mammoth cameras around a single table!) And our guide Antoine from Pernod Ricard - another drink I am hugely fond of - & G.H. Mumm, was absolutely incredible and was so welcoming to a Brit such as I who unfortunately couldn't string much french together to save my life.

My thirst was quenched upon arrival with some delicious Mumm champagne and the company of so many exciting characters!
Once we had finished eating and drinking, we headed to the catamaran that was waiting to pick us up. We spent an hour or two relaxing and even fishing, then the girls of the party left for a make-up session, leaving us guys to our drinks and our dive-bombs off the side of the boat (though not at the same time, that would be a terrible waste of champagne!)
Once back on hard-ground we got prepared for dinner and the party at the newly opened La Folie Douce on the Majestic Hotel Barriere. The dinner & party were insane with champagne flowing, music and dancers, and a group of around 150 who were all bloggers. This just isn't something that happens every day and I was really honoured to be part of it.
Once the party had stopped, our party of 20 or so went into the town for a last farewell. Although I didn't get many photos of the clubs, I did get this awesome little clip of champagne served to the Star Wars theme tune:

Now, putting the partying to the side, I should impart what I learnt from talking with Antoine about the innovation they have created which really pushes the limits of the celebration experience. They have created a new bottle, with a cork that is connected to a venue which, when 'popped', ignites the said venue, synching the two in complete harmony. G.H. Mumm is one of the most popular champagnes with especially the younger generation, in particular from its honoured place in the hands of Grand Prix winners. Their promo video of the new magnum can be found below:

I hope that you have enjoyed this look into the G.H. Mumm & La Folie Douce event in Cannes, and will stay tuned for these innovations within the champagne industry!

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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015: My SEAT Experience

Hello girls and guys, 

If you like cars, then this post is for you. I wrote about the Goodwood FoS 2013 two years ago and it's an event that you really just can't get enough of. This year I'd kindly been invited by SEAT to go up the famous Goodwood hill-climb (a 1.16 mile course) in their new SEAT Leon ST Cupra - this is a HUGE deal - very few people can say that they've been up the hill-climb and the Leon was just incredible. It may only look like a normal hatchback from the outside as you'll see from the photos, but Jesus Christ is it fast and manoeuvrable (it even holds the record for fastest lap by a hatchback around the Nürburgring, which is pretty impressive!) 

So yeah, once I'd recovered from the traumatisation of being driven over 110mhp through crowds of cheering people and around stone walled corners, I said farewell to my awesomely talented driver and checked out what Goodwood GoT 2015 had to offer. 

Turnbull & Asser @ London Collections Men SS15 #LCM

Hey girls and guys, 

Find below the second LCM show I went to - that of Turnbull & Asser: royal shirt maker, est. 1885. It's pretty picture heavy, as there was so much fantastic tailoring to see!

When you look through the pictures, notice in particular the primary colours, the themes of time, travelling (but not time-travelling!), the natural world, the Asias and the storm in the tea-cup. Turnbull & Asser did not want to just make any range of gentleman's clothing, they wanted to break the boundaries of it, make something new, something genuine. All the tailoring is manufactured in the UK - which is rare to see these days and commendable. 

If I had to choose a favourite piece it would be what I call the close-neck waistcoat, 5th photo from the bottom. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Turnbull & Asser's LCM event.

Very best,

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