Introducing the Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter

Hi guys,

I've got something quite special to share with you in today's post - something I really grew fond of during my time at university. As you are probably aware, I am very much into my literature and poetry; part of that love also involves writing it, and what better way to do that than on a typewriter!

The story behind this fascination came about from my best friend - J - who I've known from secondary school, through sixth-form and through both of our philosophy degrees at University. Between the wine and the poetry he introduced myself to his new hobby - and it really was a hobby - there was even one evening where we were taking apart and putting back together an ancient Underwood, in an unfortunately unsuccessful attempt to fix it...

So, it was due to this shared nostalgia for times past that I ended up trying a number of his machines. I tried a number of early - we're talking 1920's - typewriters up to the more modern but no less loveable Olivettis. It was within this category that I tried the 1960's Olivetti Lettera 32, which was a very smooth functioning machine, down to it's charming line-warning bell and pragmatic square keys.

For around two or three years now I've been quietly waiting for the right opportunity to purchase one; usually you can find good deals on eBay, but you have to get the right auction at the right time. It was very lovely therefore when I found out that R had found one for me for my birthday, with all the historical documents intact - even the original invoice!

Another reason why this is important to me is that I'm starting to write a book and as I said earlier, writing is much more fun and somehow feels more poignant when written on a typewriter.

I don't want to give too much away about the story or it would spoil the surprise, but it's essentially based in a dystopia where overpopulation is rife, where resources are all but spent and where eugenics is turned to as a means of sorting out the problem.

I'll keep you updated on the progress and I want to also do a detailed post on the typewriter and how exactly it works.

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#madeforyourcity - Eastpak Competition

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Hey everyone, so Eastpak recently got in touch with me about their #madeforyourcity competition, where if you snap a picture of yourself with your Eastpak bag featuring your home town and use the handle above on Twitter or Instagram, then you'll be put in for the chance to win a trip for 2 to Berlin with £300 spending money. The competition closes 24th October, so there's still chance to enter!

I currently live in Darwen, which is close to both Liverpool and Manchester. It used to be a thriving town when the textile industry was at its strongest during the Industrial Revolution, but since around 1950 the textile industry in Britain sharply declined in favour of international alternatives. One of the most impressive landmarks of Darwen is the Jubilee Tower, or Darwen Tower, which was made in celebration of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.

It made a lot of sense that the Tower should be the landmark for my #madeforyourcity photo. So R & I went for a short Sunday walk, which luckily offered the last remnants of the Summer sun.

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The shot below is the photo I chose for the Eastpak competition - I captioned the image 'At First Sight of Darwen Tower'.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

So there you have it! That's my #madeforyoucity entry. You can enter too and find further information on the competition here. It's really easy to enter and you could find yourself on a flight to Berlin! I've never been to Germany yet, so I would absolutely love to win - but looking at the other entries it looks like there's going to be serious competition! Good luck if you enter!


Trousers & Monogrammed Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt | Brogues - M&S | Rucksack - Eastpak

A Chivalrous Update

Hey everyone, I wanted to just fill you in in what's been going on and which might explain why I've been so busy recently! I've started a new job which is in PPC - which for those that don't know what that is, it's pay-per-click marketing - a subgroup of search engine marketing, which also includes SEO (search engine marketing) (the link to my learn-SEO-with-me site is somewhere on the side!)

So the business I work in is a really fun, up-and-coming young business that sells loads of really cool high quality products. Search engine advertising and introducing new products is what I focus on mostly among other things (like coffee). So having started that recently, it's taken a while for me to get settled with the whole 9-5 working lifestyle, having been a student for the past 5 years (!) but I have settled and could not be more happy with what I'm doing day-to-day.

But my main point - I'll be back on the blog more now. I've got a number of planned posts that I need to catch up on including some classic book reviews, an Eastpak backpack review, a look at Man Flu hot-or-shot and some new outfit posts. I've also started using a MacBook Pro, after years of being a die-hard PC/laptop enthusiast, so I fancy also doing a post about my experience with the change.

I think in many ways having had a small break from blogging has highlighted why I love it and that's why I'm here writing this.

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